Virgo Zodiac Sign Personality And Traits


Punctual, economical, prudent and practical – these are some of the most prominent traits of the people born under the sign of the Virgin. Virgos are stickler for details, critical of anything less than perfect and are loners by nature. They are uncomfortable in social situations, but make for the best of friends when you are in any trouble. They freely give their time and money once they are convinced that you are in genuine trouble, and not just taking them for a ride by appealing to their good nature.

Virgo Man Personality and Traits

Virgo Man

Efficient, no-nonsense, analytical – meet your typical Virgo man. A Virgo man puts everyone, especially his partner, under the microscope and studies their flaws carefully. An evolved Virgo then tries to encourage people to become more ‘perfect’ by erasing these flaws. A lesser one may, however, exploit these weaknesses, mostly to defend himself. A Virgo man’s eye for detail is unparalleled.

Virgo Woman Personality And Traits

Virgo Woman

Just because she is born under the sign of the Virgin does not mean that a Virgo woman is shy, helpless, “little woman”. On the contrary, a Virgo woman is someone who has a backbone made of steel with endurance levels that are unmatchable. She believes in the purity of true love, importance of family life and her own happiness – sometimes in that exact order.


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